XVF3510 Introduction

Tran Dinh Hai Dang
over 1 year agoJuly 24, 2019
That's really impressive.
I was just wondering how loud (in dB maybe) can the static noise be removed ?
over 1 year agoAugust 8, 2019
We took the XVF3510 out to a trade show a couple of weeks ago and it performed reliably, responding to commands and barge-in in an environment of >95dB :-)
Tran Dinh Hai Dang
over 1 year agoAugust 20, 2019
Awesome! This is a really big improvement in voice processing technology. This is going to open the door to the world of voice command products included not only Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but also for standalone voice command products.
Lance Harvie
over 1 year agoJuly 24, 2019
Amazing! Alexa definitely needs this - it's a real pain getting Alexa to listen to command when music is playing at a high volume.
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